Overview of antiepileptics for neuropathic pain 

Recently published an overview of antiepileptic drugs used for neuropathic pain in JAMA. The link is here:http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1886172&resultClick=3

Recent publications Autumn 2013 

Lots of recent publications. the Cochrane review on 'Oral Morphine for cancer pain' has been updated. We took a new route through this one with an outcome of no worse than mild pain. This may seem obvious but seems not to have been used before. A long awaited review on Transdermal fentanyl with Gina Hadley as the lead author has also just been published.Lots of updating on the Cochrane neuropathic pain reviews is ongoing

Autumn 2013 Update 

Just returned from providing training for public health specialists working in disease prevention and control. On going projects include antibiotic therapeutic drug monitoring issues and a look at evidence based veterinary medicine. Working up training for Cochrane overviews.